The Dram Shop

The Dram Shop


Meet Zach and Sarah, proprietors of The Dram Shop at 229 East Front Street.  They decided to start the business after Zach had worked at Big Sky Brewery for 11 years and wanted to start something that was an extension of the brewing industry, FUN, and a new adventure for a beer lover. Located in the old Mercantile Warehouse building since 2015, they wanted to start a tap room in a high traffic area that fit the brand of their business.

They live in the Rattlesnake, known for its good elementary school, and access to recreation. Located a short distance from the Rattlesnake National Recreation Area and Wilderness, an endless amount of activities can be enjoyed.  They run, hike and mountain bike straight out of the front door, not to mention cross country ski during the winter months.  It is also close enough to downtown that they can walk to work with the dog if desired.

The Blackfoot IPA is the most popular item they serve on tap, actually IPAs in general are well received; though they also serve Sours, Ciders, Kombucha, Shrubs, Soda and Wine on tap.  Did someone say Wine?

The Dram hosts a series of different events: from takeovers which feature a specific brewer, to tastings and pairings that feature a certain style from various producers and local restaurants. This offers an educational opportunity, kind of like Beer School, but without grades. I give it an A+. Also on display is photography in a gallery style atmosphere.  Pete Ferranti Landscapes will be hanging out on the walls from First Friday in February.  There is no bar style happy hour, but they do run specials on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays.


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Meet Missoula – by Mike Gillette


Korean Pork Taco & Tanga Chicken Taco with Go Wild Pale Ale

The story begins with a mother and father driving home with their new pound puppy, they wanted to hurry up and name it before arriving back to their four little boys, who would then not be able to name it Spike, or Spot or Bill, anything but Sue.

Colin was the youngest of the boys, now all grown up and the taproom manager at Great Burn Brewing, he was looking for an option to fill a void with their customer base. To find a fresh made craft food he could serve from a mobile vehicle which paired well with the craft beers. Not a full dinner, but something between a snack and a meal. He bought a used hot dog cart and modified it like BA Baracus to the standards necessary to operate and off he went serving Korean Pork and Tanga Chicken Tacos. The cilantro lime and chipotle cream sauces are quite the topping on these delish dishes. I paired them with the Go Wild (Fest) Pale Ale 6% ABV 35 IBU, which is a collaboration with the wilderness association. God, I love Missoula.

Colin lives on the southwest side and finds it very convenient to live close to work, but bought the place before his gig at GB due to the affordability for a first time home buyer in an up and coming neighborhood. He also enjoys the access he has to the Blue Mountain Disc Golf Course and Fort Missoula’s expanding trail system. The dining and entertainment options between the South Side Crossing and the Southgate Mall renovation seems to be a part of the neighborhood’s revitalization and a hole is about to be punched through the railroad tracks straight to JC Penny’s. Bonus.

So when Colin, the youngest of the boys, was brainstorming for a name for his food cart without coming up with some sort of fusion contusion, he decided to name it after his old dog, Suppertime. That is what his parents had decided on the drive home. And now, there is finally a reason for it. Suppertime is open at quittin’ time every Tu We Th and located at the Great Burn Brewery. Highly recommended.

Seek him on Facebook @Suppertimemissoula

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