Wear Your Roots

Meet Missoula by Mike Gillette

Small world story, true one too.  The Doctor and his wife are having a beer at a microbrewery which sits farthest west in Denmark.  Located on an island named Fanø it is advertised as the last brewery until England, which lies to the other side of the North Sea.  Next to them sits a couple of young kids enjoying the sun and some foamy suds.  He is wearing a green Montana Roots t-shirt and she is speaking American.

“Where did you get that shirt?” The Doctor asks.

“Missoula, Montana,” the dude answers, in English with a Danish accent.

“We live in Missoula,” the doctor’s wife answers.

And so ensues a conversation to find out the young Dane was an exchange student who lived with this dapper dame in Polson, where he attended high school for a year.  Short story long, she was now visiting him and enjoying the 18 year drinking age.  Get to the back of the line.


‘Wear Your Roots’ started out as an idea for a sticker that lead Aaron and Brandon to strike out on their own selling t-shirts and what not out the back of a pick-up truck in parking lots.  They are now living the life, just celebrating their one year anniversary in a downtown brick and mortar as a full on retail store at 225 North Higgins Avenue.  They have been at it since 2011, knocking out merchandise in an old barn, originally located at the old mill where South Gate Mall now sits.  This puts them miles ahead of their vision for where they would be now, which is where they live, and what they are all about.  Today.


Now, they are building, tagging, and embroidering their own product, sold in-house and online. Besides t-shirts, hats and stickers, they sell everything from bamboo sunglasses to air hammocks, and other gen-x paraphernalia you would expect from the bmx skateboard generation. They are ready to take their show on the road with a 40 foot remodeled classic glamper.


Have a look at what they have to offer at www.mymontanaroots.com or www.wearyourroots.com

-Edited by Hillary Logan

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